Relationships between parents and adult children

As children grow up and need to separate from their family to become independent individuals this process of pulling away is often difficult and can lead to strained relationships. The adult child may want to put geographical and emotional distance between themselves and their parents. The adult child may feel critical of the way they were parented leaving the parent feeling judged and defensive. If you find yourself in this situation I can offer you a safe space to talk to each other and identify the kind of relationship you would both like.

Estrangement and complete cutoff

Sometimes the only way an adult child can become a separate individual is by cutting off all contact with their parents. They may have felt too close in the past or sided with one parent over the other in the case of divorce..

This sudden disconnection can be devastating for the parent even though the adult child may feel temporary relief by not seeing the parent thus avoiding emotional and psychological tension.

Estrangement is an increasing phenomenon and is becoming a silent epidemic. One in eight parents in the US has an estranged adult son or daughter and it is on the increase in the UK. It is a taboo subject and seldom talked about often because estranged parents experience complex feelings of shame and guilt and blame themselves as being the sole cause of the problem.

Parents can experience rejection, hurt and overwhelming grief and above all isolation.

I have experience and a deep interest in this subject and would like to help parents cope with this difficult situation.

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